Aikido Aikikai Iwata products hakama and traditional embroidery

My name is Hyuga Amir, one of the people in charge of the export-manga store and cultural portal who, among other products, offers articles of martial arts and aikido as well as numerous reports and information of interest. Our store is located in the heart of Japan and we have been serving many aikido dojos in Spain, France, USA and around the world for more than 11 years.

We also offer any type of assistance and free help for all aikidoka and people interested in Japanese culture who have doubts about the country or even want know how to find a dojo, train-seiko or find accommodation in Japan (

On this occasion, I am in touch with you to remind you that export-manga is offering you the aikido products of the prestigious brand “Aikido Iwata Aikikai”. High quality products handmade from the most prestigious traditional house in Japan and official brand of Aikikai (in fact it is very close to the Hombu dojo, the Aikido world headquarters). Today, Iwata is the only house in Japan that continues to make its products from start to finish 100% by hand.

In addition to all the products and variety that we offer, export-manga gives you the possibility of embroidering any of the garments or items you choose with a fine traditional Japanese stitching as only Iwata knows how to do. In short, we are the exclusive distributors from Japan of the Iwata brand and all its products. Visit our section and catalog by clicking on Aikido Products.

In this video:

You can feel the mutual trust and the close relationship (after many consecutive years working together) of the owners of Iwata and the components of the “export-manga team”. As a result, they place their trust in turn, in order more and more aikidoka from all over the world to acquire, through our diffusion website, the products of this house: Aikido Aikikai Iwata products hakama and traditional embroidery.

We hope to establish a friendly relationship with you.
We wish you the best energy and aiki of the universe!
For any question, enquiry or suggestion:
Hyuga Amir
Aikikai Hombu dojo, Japan

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