The best aikido hakama, gi and obi from Japan Iwata brand

The other day we went with our cameras to Okubo, one of the legendary districts of Tokyo, there is placed the korean area for bars, restaurants and entertainment (part of Shin-Okubo as well) and also the traditional aikido Store known as Iwata. Specifically located in the neighborhood of the hundred men, Hyakunin-cho (百 人 町). This name was due to the Hyakunin-shu of Okubo (大 久保 百 人 众), the hundred men of Okubo, a police force specialized in handling firearms which was in charge of defending the shogun when he left the castle. The armed unit was consolidated in the district of Tokyo which currently covers the JR (Japan Railways) yellow Sobu sen line and the green Yamanote Sen line.

Export-Manga offers you an exclusive video of aikido products of the prestigious brand “Iwata Aikikai Aikido” from the heart of Japan. In this video we show you the mutual trust and close relationship (after many consecutive years working together) of the owners of Iwata and components of the “export-manga team”:

Iwata Shokai (岩田 商会) was founded nearly 100 years ago, in the 5th year of Taisho Era, ie in 1916. Since then this family has been dedicated to the crafting of hakama, gi, obi and other martial arts products and has maintained especially a close relationship with the family of the Aikido founder Ueshiba Morihei to finally become the official brand of the federation Aikido Aikikai.

The Iwata family products are high quality products handmade by which is recognized as one of the most prestigious traditional houses in Japan and official supplier for Aikikai Hombu (in fact is within walking distance from the Hombu dojo, the Aikido world headquarters).

With such a good relationship with the Iwata family and the trust placed in us more and more aikidokas worldwide can get this brand products through our online shop and cultural site on Japanese goods.

In addition to all products and variety that we offer, export-manga gives you the opportunity to embroider any aikido hakama, garments or items that you choose with a fine and delicate traditional Japanese sewn as only Iwata can do (look at the end of the video to see directly which are the colors that we offer and choose your favorite).

In short, we are the exclusive distributors from Japan for Iwata brand and all its products.

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We wish you the best aiki of the universe!

2 thoughts on “The best aikido hakama, gi and obi from Japan Iwata brand

  1. Patricia Yarrow

    Thanks for this enjoyable and informative video of Iwata. I well remember this place and the ladies. I understand they have moved…just across the street. I am going there this morning to see about purchasing two gi pants of the lightest material. They are the best to weather the sultry summer heat in my Tokyo apaato. Wonderful family and business. They have known all the greats and all the students, I think.

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