Awesome Christmas manga, anime and merchandising super pack

Dear friends, from the heart of the rising sun, Japan, export-manga offers you a super Christmas pack/ lot of manga, anime and merchandising of the most fashionable and the most memorable manga and anime series .

This lot contains old anime gems and other more modern anime series  and many of those gems can not be found in any store and Tokyo. Almost all products, photos and corresponding description are in the export-manga site (

We also will include color pamphlets muchisimas manga and anime series and some other little surprise …

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Its price is 380 euros

The payment can be made through Paypal or international bank transfer / cash income on account of export-manga of La Caixa.

A big hug from the fiery heart of the rising sun

The pack contains the following items

1 Hat One Piece Portgas D. Ace

4 Limited Edition Dragon Ball Gashapon Japan

1 shirt Naruto kakashi

1 shirt Sailor Moon Sailor Jupiter (gem collecting Banpresto 1992, new unused)

Haruhi Suzumiya Cosplay Miruku 1

1 Scarf Bleach special anniversary edition

2 mobile phone carrier or objects to attach to your belt, etc.. Naruto

1 travel alarm clock portable Sasuke

Two large books of Naruto

Naruto 2 small notebooks (interior color too)

Holds 4 drinks (keeps drinks hot or cold) of Gara, Kakashi, Naruto and Sasuke

1 One Piece Luffy Plush Christmas Special (dressed as Santa Claus)

1 Giant Plush Naruto (Naruto version first saga)

7 Plush Evangelion (Gainax NAS colecciomismo jewel, original teddy Sega 1995) Misato, Asuka, Rei, Shinji, Eva 00, Eva 003, Ritsuko

3 plushies Lupin (Banpresto coleccismo jewel of 1997) Goemon Jigen Fujiko

3 One Piece plushies, original Banpresto 2002, Choppa, Usopp and Nami

1 plush Sailor Moon S (Tsukedo Mask dress wedding suit)

2 teddies Ichigo (Bleach) 2006 Banpresto, one sitting and one standing

SET of 8 plush Slam Dunk

Set of 8 pairs of shoes Sailor Moon (all characters)

1 Mini Book Detective Conan

Singles 2 cd Hayashibara Megumi Slayers (very cool presentation)

3 bags of Gurren Lagen premium

1 bag of Keroro Gunso Premium Folding

Figure 1 watch evangelion

1 box of fabric Evangelion Rei Ayanami

1 mobile phone holder objects Bleach

Collection 5 Gashapon, Fade to Black Limited Edition, complete!

Collection posteles kenshin

Collection stamp pad and kenshin

Sailor Moon Collection postmark

Sailor Moon Keychain Collection (5 main characters)

Scarves Collection of One Piece with drawings inside

1 One Piece Green Data Book

1 Data book Bastard

5 books of anime Oh My Goddess

Two ceramic teacups naruto

Original Song Book Magic Knight Ryearth

Original Song Book 2 Magic Knight Ryearth

Cd Singles with mini artbook oh my goddess

Love Hina Image Album Cd

CD soundtrack of the movie Spriggan

Playstation 1 game Soul Edge

1 cup ceramic breakfast Queens Blade

4 Final Fantasy Trading Arts figures VOL1

Video game Eye of Judgment for PS3 (includes game, cards, board and the Playstation Eye is a camera that connects to the Playstatio to play)

Lot varied figures of One Piece

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