Spanish wins a japanese television contest singing anime songs

The Spanish Amir Garcia, won a contest for Japanese television program called Sanma’s Super Karakuri Terebi, a program seen by 10 million people, in which Amir Garcia sings several Anime songs in Galician and Japanese such as Dragonball. Also nostalgic anime songs for the seventies as Commando G “Gatchaman” (ガッチャマン) and Mazinger Z.

Some of the anime songs were arranged version (替え歌) with autobiographical content.

Two auditions with over 300 people, all Japanese and a final contest with 20 contestants that took place in Akihabara (where Amir took the cat to water) was the development of this Japanese TV contest that later became part of the program lead by the comedian originally from Osaka Sanma san. Mizuki Ichiro (水木 一郎) famous singer of the ’70s for being the original singer of anime like Mazinger (マジンガー Z) was the judge of the program. Mizuki Ichiro was impressed by Amir Garcia’s passion and love for Japan and Japanese traditional culture, perhaps also that’s why he finally granted the program winners trophy to the Spanish originally from Galicia, Vigo.

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