Export-manga offers you Casio EX-word XD SF-7500 electronic dictionary English Spanish Japanese

New Casio EX-word XD-SF7500 electronic dictionary 2009 (Japanese, Spanish, Japanese)

The newest electronic dictionary for learning Japanese. Now with Spanish dictionary too and handwriting kanji, incredible!!! Once more, Export-manga brings to you the newest in Japan!!!

The definitive tool for any Japanese student: this dictionary will be a good help whatever your level is, even if you don’t know kanji, thanks to its tactile recognition of kanji you know the meaning and pronunciation.

Conpany: Casio

General information of Casio EX-word XD-SF7500:

– 50MB inner memory

New screen: LCD 5” screen, 480 x 320 pixels

– Touch panel to write Japanese, as well as Latin characters with the touch pen. The pen can also be used to select main entries and scroll the upper screen.

Japanese, Spanish and English dictionaries.

– Quick change between dictionaries and other functions, instant translation and different searching functions.

– Handwriting recognition of Kanji

– Illustrated Encyclopedias.

– Dictionaries of proverbs, computing, business and economics words, katakana and kanji.

– 10K Japanese spelled words (real human voice) from Meiko dictionary.

– Listen English, French and Spanish native sample sentences (depending on the dictionary)

– Retro illumination.

– SD cards slot.

– USB port.

– Speaker and headphone output.

– Batteries:  2 x AAA batteries

– Size:  14,6 * 10,2 * 1,55/1,97 cm (closed)

– Weight: 280 g (including batteries)

It includes a basic using guide in Spanish.

One thought on “Export-manga offers you Casio EX-word XD SF-7500 electronic dictionary English Spanish Japanese

  1. David

    Estudio Japonés desde hace algún tiempo, pero en mis horas libres y por mi cuenta, ya que donde vivo no hay academias de idoma japonés…
    Yo compré hace unos 4 meses este diccionario electrónico a Export-Manga, y quiero dejar mi comentario positivo para Amir y su grupo, puesto que fueron muy amables y rápidos. Tienen un servicio excelente…
    La traductora aparte de ser muy completa, trae un pequeño manual en castellano, que ayuda a entender su funcionamiento bastante bien… Para todas aquellas personas que estén en dudas le diré que a mí me ha ayudado mucho con mis estudios, aparte de que puedo leer cualquier kanji sin problemas (incluso mangas en idioma original). Un saludo para todos aquellos que lean mi comentario, y animo para aquellos que estudian el japonés por su cuenta, Ganbatte Kudasai!!!!!!!!!!!

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