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Dear friends:

Thank you for your support during all these years, we are delighted to continue answering all your questions and queries!

Check the latest news such as retro games  SNK ROM for Neo Geo, very wanted figures as Hunter × Hunter, pre-sales as the new figures of Pokemon Polygo, Dragon Ball Super or Saint Seiya, RE: Zero or games like Fate and an endless number of news. In addition to hakama, Gi, martial arts clothing and aikido, technology, crafts, etc.

I would like to ask you for help to promote our cultural blog and online store in Japan . On the blog are many articles about the life of Japan.
And if you are interested in any product of anime, manga, martial arts and crafts, tradition too, directly from the rising sun!
For those who have accounts on social networks like instagram https://www.instagram.com/export_manga/ or twitter https://twitter.com/ExportManga and want to make it known we would love to also have a detail in the form of a gift: manga , anime, figures, etc.
We would like to link all these sites with people, blogs and forums of similar interests, if you can lend us a hand I would really appreciate it!

And you also have a good list of interesting videos on the youtube channel:

We have also increased our order a la carte service with more people working 24 hours a day to find the object you are looking for and nobody can get you except us, sending you any request from the heart of Japan.

Remember that export-manga is the only online store located in Japan that offers service in FOUR LANGUAGES: English, Spanish, Japanese and Portuguese.
Feel free to do any question: info@export-manga.com

A very strong hug from the heart of the rising sun!

Hyuga Amir


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