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This is one of the unemployment offices or job centre in Japan or Public Employment Services (PES) in Japan. The Japanese government’s Employment Service Center in Japan is known as Hello Work (ハローワーク, harōwāku). If you want to find a quality job or at least earn money to stay in Japan this is the first step you must do, register at the Hello Work offices. At the offices of Hello Work, the procedure is also carried out to register for unemployment and subsequently collect the corresponding unemployment benefit.

At these offices of Hello Work you can carry out the procedures related to unemployment insurance “Koyou Hoken”.

Unemployment Insurance (Koyo hoken) is an insurance that offers a temporary unemployment allowance known as shitsugyou teate (from 90 days up to a maximum of 330 days) for people who are unemployed, either voluntarily or by business decision (dismissal, termination of the contract , including loss of employment due to bankruptcy or temporary or total closure of the company).

It is a basic assignment (kihon teate) and temporary to help the worker with his daily sustenance and promote the search for a new job. Therefore, all workers who start the process of collecting the unemployment allowance or shitsugyou teate in the Public Employment Office (shokugyo anteisho) must register to access the Job Offers Bank (kyujin joho).

Basically, all companies are obliged to insure their employees (except managers, temporary or part-time staff “arubaito” with less than 20 hours of work per week and those over 65 years of age) in this unemployment insurance.

The processing of this insurance is carried out in the Public Employment Security Offices (shokugyo anteisho or “Hello Work”)

The company is the one that must carry out the entry of its workers in the aforementioned insurance, because it is an obligation required by law although some small companies or relatives often evade this responsibility.

In a situation of unemployment, in order to receive the basic allowance (kihon teate) it is necessary to have quoted at least for at least 6 months. The amount of the allowance is calculated based on the salary of the last 6 months and is approximately 60 to 80% of that average.

To be able to collect the basic allowance, it is necessary to present the proof of resignation or dismissal (rishokuhyo) provided by the company.

The worker who has been dismissed (in Japanese is called kaiko), may receive his first assignment the month after starting the process. But if the worker who voluntarily left the job (jiko taishoku), although it can immediately process the collection of the assignment, the deposit occurs after 3 months. Once the procedure is done in Hello Work, you should go to a meeting or talk (the window officer will indicate the day) about 10 or 15 days later where they will explain more about unemployment insurance, calculation of the subsidy to receive, search for work, etc. In addition, the unemployed must carry out 3 movements or minimum actions that demonstrate their involvement in the search for a new job, for example by going to the Hello Work offices, searching their database or attending organized meetings (the aforementioned assistance explanatory talk will count as one of them).

The subsidy payment is made directly in the worker’s bank account.

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