(English) In 30 min we will know the name Gengo for the new era of Japan and its emperor

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In 30 min we will know the name Gengo for the new era of Japan and its emperor!
It is April 1 in Japan and with a nice enough time one wakes up a few minutes from knowing the name Gengo for this new era or reign.

When ascending to the throne, each Japanese emperor chooses a name of reign or of era, known in Japanese like “gengo”. The name is not personally chosen by the new emperor, but by a group of scholars, historians, experts in dynastic history, experts in ideograms and in literature. The name “gengo” of Emperor Akihito is known as Heisei. His son, Prince Naruhito and successor to the throne will have another gengo to designate his reign.

It is a historic event: the Japanese government is about to announce Monday the name of the new imperial era, which will accompany the reign of Emperor Naruhito when, on May 1, he succeeds his father, the current ruler Akihito.

The announcement will take place at 11h30 local (02H30 GMT), and will be carried out by the secretary general and government spokesman, Yoshihide Suga. This will appear before the journalists to make known the name, which has been kept secret until the last moment.

Even on television a few days ago many journalists and celebrities estimate what the new name could be and do not stop broadcasting historical programs about the Japanese monarchy and the events that took place during this Heisei era. Even since yesterday there are several programs that have put a countdown clock as if it were to celebrate the end of the year at Christmas.

If, as Suga commented in his appearance, it is carried out as it was the last time, 30 years ago, he should brandish a “shikishi”, which is a nice rectangular cardboard, in which the kanjis (ideograms) chosen for this new era will be displayed.

Its only half an hour left to know the new name Gengo for this new era in the Japanese imperial family.


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