(English) Sapporo’s Yuki Matsuri, the snow festival

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We in Export-Manga wish you had a nice holiday, coming from a neverending summer in the mayority of the north hemisphere, finally the temperatures fall, important rains and… SNOW!!!

I don’t know if you like snow, but I was born in a coast village and have rarely seen it and play snowball wars… in fact, it was almost 30 years ago when I saw snow as a child and barely stood on my feet, and had one of my hands busy grabbing my mother’s avoiding me to fall down and stay buried. It should be that way if it was a good snowfall, but it was only a pair of inches deep.

Although in Europe winter si humid and you need to live far away from the sea or certain altitude to see the snow, in Japan winter is drier and snow is very present within a couple of miles away from the ocean, and counting that the 80% of the country is mountain terrain, it’s a country that lives every winter covered with a white glace.

A famous example of that is the Snow Festival in Sapporo, where every year in early february takes place a matsuri and a snow sculpture contest, becoming a touristical spot inside the country but also overseas.

By some things Japan is a very boring country (robotic maybe), but many of that sculptures bring out their artistic potential, and their geeky one too, bringing us masterpieces… or/and a full catalogue of snow dioramas, gigantic 3D versions of our favorite animes and films!!

If your working breaks take place in february and you wanna see amazing stuff, Sapporo is the place! Capital of Hokkaido, the last prefecture in the north: Sapporo is the modern city inside the almost totally covered of natural reserves island, populated by wild animals and the last home of the original japanese population.

You can learn more about the Yuki Matsuri HERE


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