(English) Aikido Weapons Iwama limited edition bokken, jo, tanto

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Aikidoka & Budoka friends. Excelent chance to own a bokkenjo ,or Tanto made of japanese white oak, 100% original with Aiki seal, the same as the ones used by O Sensei Morihei Ueshiba’s studentsAikido founder, like Morihiro SaitoHitohiro Saito and actually master Hideo Hirosawa. Brought to you directly from Japan and crafted by the Saito family. They are limited edition, as each one of them lasts nearly three years to be made.

Varnishing is not needed, as we use them and take contact with the bokken or jo,or Tanto, the natural grease of our hands will turn them softer and change from white to a toast brown color.

This aiki weapons are with no doubt the best, and the more time passes, better they become, without twisting or bending and preserving their perfect balance and symmetry.

To acquire these Bokken, Jo and Tanto made of japanese white oak with Aiki seal you only have to enter export-manga website:

Made in Iwama this limited edition is 100% handmade original by Saito family. Perfect symmetry and balance for Aiki ken and Aiki jo practice.

* Important

We only accept EMS mailing.

Due to the weapons length, Japan Mail only let EMS mailing system, wich one, by the way, is the fastest and includes a safe international tracking number.

If you need more information or pictures visit Aiki Weapons Facebook Page clicking:

Armas de aikido Aiki weapons

Purchase here Aikido Weapons Iwama limited edition Bokken, Jo and Tanto

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