(English) Reserve your Pokemon Green Limited Edition Nintendo 2DS [20th Anniversary]

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Pokemon turns 20 and Nintendo plans to release to their japanese market a brand new Nintendo 2DS Limited Edition (well, new… the console is 2 years old, but this edition is new!). It remains to the old transparen plastic cases the GameBoy had in the old days, the days this saga began.

Of course, Export-Manga heard this news and we will give you the chance to reserve yours throw our online shop.

Although Red and Blue versions of this already made their way into the western shops, the green one will do as its 20 years old GameBoy homologue and won’t be seen outside the land of the rising sun, so this is your chance to receive it at home thanks to Export-Manga.

The pack included with your new console will contain, well, your new Limited Edition Nintendo 2DS console, a 4GB memory card with Pokemon Green from Nintendo eShop, fancy stickers of the original pokemon generation, a gift code with the rare pokemon Mew and a physical map of the Kanto region, to help you not to get lost in your adventure.

Discover or remember the origins of this famous videogame saga with this remake in your matching console! Change pokemon like the old days (with no wire mess) and fight epic battles with your friends, remember that even if you lose you’ll win against their envy, they won’t be able to buy a green 2DS.

Reserve your limited crystal green console RIGHT HERE!


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