(English) Embroider your aikido clothes now!

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Dear aikidokas, the chance of embroiding your training clothes is again available in Export-Manga, made in the same Iwata workshop, in a simplier and faster way than before: we have a new set of selectors.

bor1 enYou can easily find the section pointing on “Aikido Iwata”, or directly clicking on this image above. There you can choose the spot where you want your embroider, and once inside, the thread color, writing type and orientation if available.

Although instructions come in the inner description of every product, the process is the same for all of them:

  1. First you choose the clothes to embroider, there is a product for each one, and once inside we will set the details.
  2. Choose the color of the embroider, and if it is a hakama or keikogi choose its orientation too (in the second image of every product there will be a diagram with the available orientations, with letters if there are different options, and in the third image you can see a more detailed color list)
  3. We choose the writing type: hiragana, katakana, kanji or romaji (you can search about their appearances and uses on the net, but better contact us before if you want kanji)
  4. Finally, we will buy as many units of the product as letters has the word we want in western alphabet, and with that we’ll have the bill. An example: we want to write Barry, we’ll need to buy 5 units, as it has 5 letters.
  5. Once we are going to pay, in the extra comment box you will have to write the word so we can tell the workshop, but if you forget it and you complete the process, remember you can contact us.

No more to say, we wish you like and take advantage of this new option in customizing your high quality Iwata training uniforms, brought to your home by Export-Manga, directly from Japan.


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