Polyester Aikido Hakama

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Aikido Hakama polyester

There are 2 kinds of polyester hakama, type A (normal) or Type B (Special)

The polyester hakama A is normal thickness.
The polyester hakama B is particularly thick (greater thickness or thinner than the polyester hakama A).
The stock of Polyester hakama in B, to be special, very limited, so if you are interested, ask us if we have the hakama in stock.

Polyester Hakama A

This is the basic hakama.
This hakama has the peculiarity of a solid and easy fold.
The hakama in Polyester A is special to train aikido.

The Hakama is available from blue, black, purple to white.

Polyester Hakama B Thick

Is made of thick polyester.
It’s very smooth, dark and heavy.
Perfect for use in winter and martial exhibitions EMBUKAI.

The Hakama can get blue and black.

Hakama Polyester B Thin

Is made of thin polyester.
It is very bright and good breathability.
Perfect for use in summer and martial exhibitions EMBUKAI.

The Hakama can get blue and black.

How to wash your hakama

1. Immerse in water with liquid detergent and wash pressing smoothly.
2. Repeat washing the other side of the hakama.
3. Adjust the front and rear belt undrained.
4. Rinse thoroughly and let it dry in the shade.

Use as less as possible the dryer and washing machine.


black/blue/purple white thick thin
black/blue black/blue
22 100€ 110€ 150€ 150€
23 100€ 110€ 150€ 150€
24 100€ 110€ 150€ 150€
25 102€ 112€ 153€ 153€
26 104€ 114€ 156€ 156€
27 106€ 116€ 159€ 159€
28 108€ 118€ 162€ 162€
29 110€ 120€ 166€ 166€
30 112€ 122€ 170€ 170€

The Hakamas are equipped with a front belt of 4 m, and another 1.8 m rear belt

The front belt is able to tie in four laps, being long enough.

There is the possibility of changing the size of the belt, but to make a special measure requires to contact the stock of the independent factory, therefore, is necessary to wait from 2 to 3 weeks for manufacturing.

These are the extra charges to change the size of the belt:

Lengthen the front belt 4.01 m to 4.50 m +35,00€
Lengthen the front belt 4,51 m to 5,00 m +45,00€
Lengthen the front belt 5,01 m to 5,50 m +50,00€
Lengthening the rear belt +28,00€

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