Japanese traditional handcrafts

Export-manga brings you the most exclusive traditional japanese pottery.

Use them at home as kitchen utensils for the most special moments, or as decoration to give your home a more japanese style.

These are authentic pieces handmade in Japan by pottery experts.

Important: not chinese replica.

These are original pieces that japanese chefs used in traditional restaurants in cities such as Tokyo, Kyoto or Osaka.

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Any of the six objects has the same price. Limited stock:

1. Dobin ceramic teapot (main photo)

Ceramic teapot with bamboo handle. In Spain are used to serve tea, but there, it is typical to finish preparation of chicken and prawn soup originally from Kyoto, which takes the name of this container, Dobin-Mushi. Do not use the same container for both services because, although it is ceramic, the soup always makes inadmissible aromas in a tea.

2. Rice bowl Chawan

Chawan (茶碗) is the bowl used for preparing and drinking matcha (powdered green tea) in japanese tea ceremonies. In Japan, “chawan” is also the standard term for bowls for rice. If it is necessary to distinguish between them, the bowls for rice are called chawan gohan (usually pronounced gohan-jawan), while the ones for use in chanoyu are called matcha chawan (matcha-jawan)

3. Disk dish

4. Leaf dish

5. Large bowl

6. Chawan Bowl soup / rice with spoon

If you have any questions about the quality or the products, write without hesitation and we will explain in detail piece by piece and its origin.

For any request please mail us at info@export-manga.com or click on: Japanese traditional handicrafts and ceramics

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