(English) Personal guide service Japan. Guided tours around Tokyo and surroundings.

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On our website we have reopened a guide service focusing mainly on Tokyo and the nearby prefectures (Chiba, Saitama, Ibaraki, Tochigi) and more interesting sites for the traveler (Hakone, Nikko, Kamakura, Yokohama, etc.)

The guides can be for one person or for several, of several days or hours and we adapt to the needs of the traveler, what most interests him to see, visit, eat, etc. We also have pick-up service at the airport. Depending on the hours, places to visit, number of people and even the season, the prizes may vary.

For further information write to info@export-manga.com

Here I post, as an example, a guide for a couple who will visit Japan in May (as indicated by the budget the price already includes the guide for both):

  • Day 15, pick up at Shinagawa station and travel on the metro and JR line to Kabukiza. Finished the show walk through Ginza to the station, from there you will take a subway to Shinjuku station and you will see the metropolitan towers of Shinjuku (the tallest towers in Tokyo, impressive 360 night view). Before you will eat Sushi or Ramen in Shinjuku.

Guide price: 10000 yen (includes the guide for 2 people)

The Kabukiza theater 6000 yen. includes the 3 tickets for the both of you plus the guide. (2000 yen-person)

Price of transport for that day: 6000 (includes the transportation of the two plus the person who acts as guide and who travels from our office)

  • On the 17th (after Ghibli) pick up at Mitaka station (where the Ghibli studio is located) from there you would go with the guide taking a walk to Kichijoji which is a traditional neighborhood of Tokyo, where you can see the traditional taverns, old commercial district , Inokashira park, sashimi, sushi, koroke, okonomiyaki, sushi, traditional menu etc.

https://matcha-jp.com/jp/35 (Kichijoji commercial district)

https://matcha-jp.com/jp/6294 (neighborhood of kichijioji near Ghibli, after leaving Ghibli you will go with the guide to visit the Inokashira park and eat yakitoris, some special korokke typical of this neighborhood, and other things mentioned above)

Then you would go to see Ryogoku to see Sumo and have dinner ramen in Akihabara or vice versa (depending on the sumo schedules). From Ryogoku you can see the Sky Tree as well.

After watching sumo you might have Chankonabe, what Sumo wrestlers eat.

Guide price: 16,000 yen (includes the guide for 2 people)

Price for Sumo 15300 yen (5100 yen person), includes the price for three people including the guide. Depending on the free seats the price may vary)

Price of transport for that day: 5000 (includes transportation of the two plus the person who will guide you)


  • On the 18th pick up at Shinagawa station, from there you will go by JR train to Kamakura, see the commercial district (komachidori, Hachimangu), see the Buddha, and the market and food (possibly you will eat Soba noodles and drink Macha tea in a temple) and on the way back you will catch the train you will see Yokohama. You will have dinner in Yokohama in Chinatown and you will eat Nikuman, gyoza, etc.

Guide price: 20000 yen (includes the guide for 2 people)

Price of transportation for that day: 10000 yen (includes the transportation of the two plus the person who acts as a guide)

————————————————– ————————————————– –
Total budget including transportation, guide, and tickets per day.
Approximate price for day 15: 22000 yen
Approximate price for day 17: 36300 yen
Approximate price for day 18: 30000 yen


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