(English) Tokyo Adventures

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I’m Joonas, a 23-year-old student from Finland, and I will be travelling around Tokyo for one month with my girlfriend Paju. I’m going to tell you about my travelling experiences and many different kinds of things that I find here – including anime, manga, figures, cosplay, electronics and so on…..the kind of things I’m into as well.

Akihabara is one of my favorite places here in Tokyo, and it will be probably the place where I’ll be spending most of my time during this trip. Hope you will enjoy!

About those few pictures from Akihabara below. Chuo-Dori is the main street in Akihabara and it has lots of tax-free shops, souvenir shops, small and big electronic stores and the kind of stores which sell manga/anime related products. Many of those shops started in the backstreets of Akihabara, but made their way to success and got a spot on the main street.

There is as well one picture from the backstreets that I mentioned when I was talking about Chuo-dori. It’s as well “the territory of maids“, that means if you want see maids that is totally one of best places to spot them. Those streets are full of little electronic-, game-, manga/anime- and eroge-shops, and of course maid-cafes.

Taito station is one of the many game centers in Akihabara. There you can play many different games (exmpl. UFO-catcher) and win different kind of anime/manga related prices, such as figures and stuffed toys.

Akibaoo is one of my personal favorite electronic shops in the backstreets. (Though there is one in the Chuo-dori as well.) In the backstreets you can find maybe ten of these shops and there is small differences to what you can find in each of them. Mostly you can find various electronic related products with cheap prices.



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