The Kodansha Kanji Learner’s Dictionary CD-ROM Casio

The Kodansha Kanji Learner’s Dictionary CD-ROM Casio

This is a CD-ROM version of the Kanji Learner’s Dictionary by Jack Halpern for Casio Dictionaries. The Kodansha Kanji Learner’s Dictionary is an easy-to-use and incredibly comprehensive kanji dictionary.

Its basic goal is to give the learner a thorough understanding of kanji by providing instant access to a wealth of useful information on the meanings, readings, and compounds.

A unique feature of this dictionary is the core meaning, a concise keyword that defines the dominant sense of each character, followed by very detailed character meanings and numerous compounds that clearly show how individual kanji are combined to form countless vocabulary words.

For the first time, learners have at their fingertips a wealth of information that is linguistically accurate, easy to use, and carefully adapted to their practical needs.

Features include:

* 2,230 entry characters, including all the kanji in the Joyo and Jinmei Kanji lists
* 41,000 senses for 31,300 words and word elements show how each character contributes to the meanings of compounds
* 1,200 homophones with core meanings explain differences between closely related characters
* 386 variant forms used in prewar literature and in names
* 1,945 stroke order diagrams show you how to write each kanji stroke by stroke
* 7,200 character readings, including name readings
* Over 2,000 cross-references and five appendixes give instant access to a mass of useful reference data

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