Saint Seiya Artbooks Jump Gold Selection Anime Special

What are Jump Gold Selection anime special?

The Jump Gold Selection are a collection of 3 books, Anime Special 1, Anime Special 2 and Anime Special 3, dedicated to providing extensive information about Saint Seiya. Nowadays is usual to find ArtBooks like these in comic stores about other manga series, however, in the case of Jump Gold just released in Japan between 1988 and 1989 and there have not been more editions. In fact they are out of print and are very difficult to find.

In addition to these three jewels, export-manga offers you exclusively from Japan and impossible to achieve in any other online store these other four luxury artbooks: Hikari, Burning Blood, Cosmo Special and Sora.

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Anime Saint Seiya no zenmiryoku bakuhatsu !!

Published: 13th July 1988
Pages: 136
Art Book about the Sanctuary saga, it stops right before the part where the Golden Knights make their appearance (in the second part of the story). This is the first special book of pictures of the Saint Seiya anime, which reports essentially about the first part of this saga (galactic war, bronze, black and silver warriors), the episodes are taken up and the settei (sketches of the characters), focusing in the first 25 episodes and first film, including the side story of Shun and Ikki.

Moeagare ! Chijô saikyô ! Kiiro no shô-uchû !!

Published: 19th November 1988
Pages: 136

The second special volume, Art Book about the second part of the Sanctuary saga, is certainly the most searched, focusing on the Golden Knights and some other characters in the episodes that occurred between 26 and 73, as Argol, Ohko and the Knights of Steel, with only original artwork in relation to the firsts. The work continues after the appearing of the Gold Saints, including information on some films and the side story ‘Excalibur Chapter’.

Anime Saint Seiya no zen shô-uchû sôkesshû !!

Published: 19th April 1989
Pages: 136

This third and final special volume brings back the Bronze Knights ahead. This Jump Gold Selection 3 is about the Asgard and Poseidon sagas, it is the book that collects everything that had been outside of the first two volumes, a summary of the final battle of the 12 houses, Asgard and Poseidon, information about some films and the great side story ‘The Great Love of Athena’

Hikari – Eien Naru Kagayaki Kokuin.

Saint Seiya Araki Shingo / Himeno Michi Illustrations.

The most wanted artbook of Saint Seiya of all the books.  A jewel that only export-manga brings to you exclusively from the innermost of the rising sun.

Artbook dedicated to the anime of Saint Seiya: contains illustrations made by Shingo Araki and Michi Himeno.

Published by Shueisha, consists of 130 pages (98 in color), A4.

A stylish design on the cover, original and unpublished pictures and illustrations and a semitrasparent poster made with pencil make this artbook an artwork almost impossible to find nowadays.

Saint Seiya Cosmo Special
Publication date: 10th August 1988
Pages: 224

Saint Seiya Cosmo Special
is a book that deals with the Saint Seiya manga, it’s a databook more than an artbook, contains a very comprehensive report of the comic. Is an unique volume entirely in Japanese, with Masami Kurumada’s oiginal color projects, with many interesting elements and almost unique to the Saint Seiya manga. One of the rarest books of CDZ. Keep in mind that when it was being done, the story of the manga of Saint Seiya was yet the battle between Andromeda and the overall marine Scylla.

Includes “Battle Road Game” (color): board game similar to “the game of goose” that remembers the battle of the 12 houses, bringing adhesives, board game, instructions, and more . Moving boxes that are a fight. In deciding the outcome of a duel must take into account the data of speed, strength, defense and special attack of the character, displayed in a table, which correspond to the level of the characters in the manga. Note: Mu and Dohko are undervalued because at this time in history had not yet demonstrated their skills.


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