(English) Ordering a la carte: we send you anything from Japan, our ninjas are everywhere

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To celebrate this new year 2017, in export-manga.com we have changed our look and we are also implementing our online search service. Remember that export-manga is the only store located in the heart of Japan and which offers you a personalized and exclusive online search service to find what you are looking for. Martial arts items and clothing, aikido, manga, anime, merchandising, crafts, technology, video games * …

We have a group of people working 24 hours a day and tracing old products and not so old as well, the latest in the market… Whatever it is: limited editions that you are not able to find or old collectible retro products. Just send us your request, your most sought-after item or the one you already want and nobody can offer you … it will be a challenge for us to find it! As they say in Japan: Banzai !!!

Then check out our section of orders a la carte * and there we explain how you should do, it is very simple, a simple click and our service of ninjas will trace for you, export-manga reaches the whole world!

4 thoughts on “(English) Ordering a la carte: we send you anything from Japan, our ninjas are everywhere

  1. Mircha

    Hi, Do You know if the Casio Ex-word Dataplus 10 XD – Y7500 is made in Thailand or China; I have been offered a Casio but it says made in Thailand (it is original?). Thanks n_n


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