(English) Dragon Ball Broly the movie and Fate Stay Night Lawson limited edition products

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On our trip we have stopped at a Lawson that is one of the combini  (コンビニ) or convenience store opened usually 24 hours a day anywhere in Japan. In this case, we could find limited edition items from the Fate Stay Night series and the Dragon Ball Broly movie only available on the Lawson chain. At the same time, a terrible snowfall, at times whirlwind and snowstorm was going on outside. For those of you who want one of these limited-edition Lawson items from Dragon Ball Broly, the movie and Fate Stay Night, please click on:

Please visit our website to see the articles of Dragon Ball Broly, the movie at:  https://export-manga.com/en/342-dragon-ball-super-broly-the-movie
or Fate Stay Night


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