The best Japanese aikido hakama, gi and obi from Iwata brand

Export-Manga offers you exclusive handmade aikido products of the prestigious brand “Iwata Aikikai Aikido” from the heart of Japan.
High quality products crafted at the traditional house of Japan’s most prestigious official mark of Aikikai (in fact Iwata Shokai is very close to the Hombu dojo, Aikido world headquarters).
In this video we show mutual trust and close relationship (after many consecutive years working together) of the owners of Iwata and the components of the “export-manga team.”
And they put their trust in turn so more and more aikidokas can acquire worldwide this house brand products through our website.
In addition to all products and variety that we offer, export-manga gives you the opportunity to embroider any garments or items you choose with fine traditional Japanese sewn as only Iwata can do (look at the end of the video to see directly which are the colors that we offer and choose your favorite).
In short, we are the exclusive distributors from Japan Iwata brand and all its products.


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