Diccionario electronico japones-chino-ingles Casio Ex-Word XD-A7300

* Important: We recommend to all orders of these dictionaries for shipping EMS (because an item is extremely expensive and too delicate)

Export-manga brings you this trilingual electronic dictionary Ex-Word XD-A7300 Japanese-Chinese-English Casio will be a great help in studying Japanese, Chinese and English.

It contains 78 reference volumes (details below) and many special features.

New features in the A7300 not available in the GF7350:

* Color screen (all of Casio’s previous models had black and white screens.)

* Can run off the power from a computer when plugged in via USB (however, please note that the internal batteries are not rechargeable)

* Color marker function: You can add markers in three colors (pink, yellow, and light blue) to the contents (see picture below)

* Color Tag (post-it) function: you can add tags (post-its) to the contents. You can also add your comments to the tags. (see picture below)

* Entry function: You can add your comments directly to the contents. (see picture below)

* Includes 300 pieces of Japanese literature in Japanese and 100 pieces of foreign literature in English

Special features include the Ex-Word XD-A7300:

* A twin-touch panel for easy look up and operation

* A stylus you can use to write, select and scroll

* Stylus input to write kanji, kana and romaji for look up on both touch screens

* Speaks in Japanese: you can listen to 70,000 words spoken in native Japanese (increased from 10,000)

* A custom flashcards features allowing you to make your own cards for review and study

* New motion sensor automatically adjusts screen orientation when the device is turned (only for the 300 pieces of Japanese literature and 100 pieces of foreign literature)

* Able to search by Pinyin (Simplified / Traditional Chinese)

Display    528 x 320 full dot-matrix liquid crystal display

Letter input method    Both alphabetic, kana, and stylus character input

Characters on screen size

* 48 dot ⇔24 dot ⇔16 dot – Japanese contents

* 24 dot ⇔16 dot ⇔12 dot – English & other language contents

* 24 dot ⇔16 dot – Chinese & Korean contents


Japanese-Chinese Daijiten Dictionary (2nd Ed) – Approx. 140,000 entries and 13,000 characters

Chinese-Japanese Dictionary (2nd Ed) – Approx. 100,000 entries and 13,500 characters

Japanese-Chinese Dictionary (2nd Ed.) – Approx. 90,000 entries

* Chinese Dictionary – 15,312 parent characters, approx. 100,000 words

Chinese-English Dictionary – Approx. 11,000 parent characters, Approx. 220,000 words and expressions

English-Chinese Dictionary – Approx. 220,000 entries

* Nikkei BP Japanese-Chinese PC terms Dictionary – Approx. 4,000 entries

* New Chinese Business Terms Dictionary – Approx. 15,200 entries

* And more


* Digital Daijisen Japanese Dictionary – Approx. 236,000 entries

* Meikyo Japanese Dictionary – Approx. 70,000 entries

* Kangorin Kanji Dictionary – 14,353 character, approx. 50,000 words and expressions

* NHK Pronunciation Dictionary – Approx. 69,000 entries

* Japanese Thesaurus – Approx. 6,000 entries and 25,000 words

* Gendai Katakana Dictionary – Approx. 13,700 entries

* Proverb Dictionary – Approx. 4,055 entries

* Yojijukugo Dictionary – Approx. 2,653 entries


* Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary – Approx. 183,500 entries

* Genius English-Japanese dictionary (3rd Ed) – Approx. 255,000 entries

* Katakana/English Spelling Dictionary – Approx. 67,000 entries

* English Thesaurus – Approx. 21,000 entries

* Progressive Japanese-English dictionary (3rd Ed.) – Approx. 90,000 entries

Business Information & Studies:

* Nikkei Personal Computer Terminology Encyclopedia (2009) – Approx. 5,300 entries

* A Guide to Relocating Abroad

* Japanese for Business: Business Etiquette – 20 unit

* Japanese for Business: How to write Business Mail in Japanese – 17 categories

* Japanese for Business: Handling Phone Calls (Basic) – 35 unit

* New TOEIC test Vocabulary & Idiom Mastery – Approx 2000 words

* New TOEIC test Score Up – Listening 660 questions, Reading 660 questions

* And more

The life of reference:

* International Encyclopedia Britannica – Approx. 154,000 entries.

* National Geographic Visual History of the World – Approx. 650 entries.

* Hitachi Mypedia Encyclopedia – Approx. 66,000 entries and 330 illustrations.

* Encyclopedia Counters Japan – Chapter 1 Approx. 4,600 entries, the entries aprox.600 Chapter 2.

* Japanese manners Encyclopedia – Approx. 800 entries.

* Nikkei Encyclopedia Supplement Health Ed 2008. – Approx. 1,000 entries.

* Fellow of wine – Approx. 5,200 entries.

* Dictionary of Sports – Approx. 4,000 entries.

* And much more.

Conversation in English, travel, etc:

* Kikutan Series (Entry, Basic, Advanced).

* English Conversation – Approx. 8000 examples.

* Travel Conversation in English – Approx. 3000 examples.

* Business English Conversation – Approx. 20,000 examples.

* Guides Hitoriaruki JTB Travel Language – Approx. 2,000 tickets each for 14 languages.

* Dr. Passport Travel Guides Help in 7 languages.

* Dictionary – Approx. 3,200 entries.

* And much more.

Additional Functions Ex-Word XD-A7300:

* Extensive search functions that can be used quickly and easily.

* Dictionary multiple search example.

* Dictionary multiple jump function.

* Example of search words in the jump.

* Record the word of the function / history search.

* Keyword search.

Chinese character partial reading search.

* Spelling search and common phrase search.

* Preview and change the design function.

* Backlight, three font sizes, favorite dictionary with logging.

* There are two input methods for the auto on / off, auto power off.

* Indicates change sign phonetically and simple search mode.

* 12 columns, hand-held calculator.

* Ultra-high density liquid crystal display (touch screen), large touch screen.

* EX-speech, voice CD taking function.

* Built-in vertical writing.

Power source: 2 X AA batteries

Electric battery life: Approximately 150 hours depending on frequency of use of backlight and voice function.

Size: Depth 106.5 x width 148.5 x height 16.3mm (most thin section when closed); height 18.9mm (most thick section when closed)

Weight: Approximately 300 g (battery included)


* Touch pen.

* Earphones (3.5mm plug), USB cable and 2 X AA batteries.

Export-manga brings you this fabulous electronic dictionary Japanese-Chinese-English from Japan to your home.

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